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Image by Shifaaz shamoon


Do you have an Ethical Policy for sourcing your coconut ingredients ?

Yes, we do!  Please get in touch at if you’d like a copy.

Where do your coconut products originate ?

We pick the finest and freshest high quality Sumatran Coconut as our main source of raw material to be process in our factory. In Eramas, we sort our Coconut rejecting the bad ones to keep the finest quality, Only the good Coconut will be qualified to go to the next processing step. 99% of our Coconut that go through the next step are fine premium grade.

What are we Producing ?

We have 3 main products that we produce here in Eramas.They are Coconut Milk/Cream, Coconut Water & Dessicated Coconut.

Is it true that all Eramas products are made from coconut ?

Yes, all the products produced by Eramas are made from products made from coconut derivatives. In our hands, coconut derivative products, such as coconut water & coconut meat, are transformed into ready products that can be directly process by our customers.We had always been consistent in producing top qualities products to meet our customers satisfaction .

Can you ship internationally ?

Yes!  We certainly do.  Simply fill in your address on our contact us form and we’ll quote you for shipping.

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